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You want to support our association but you do not have any time for it ? We still have some little actions for you that would be really helpful ! 

Any opinion, help, recommendation or any other point of view are more than welcome to bring forward the association ISIPCA ALUMNI?


Here are some ideas that could trous your curiosity and make you want to participate in this project!  



Update your professional experience and personal information allow us to offer a quality and up-to-date directory every year.

Why this is important ?

  • If you are looking for a specific contact
  • If you want to discover more about the career of your previous classmates
  • If you want to recruit an alumni


Fill in only what you want to share, however the most important information we are looking for are:

° Name
° First name
° Current position (or seeking employment)
° Company
° Mail (perso and / or pro)
° Phone (perso and / or pro)
° Adress (perso and / or pro)

How to update your profile


"Alumni Portrait"

Let's highlight your background and professional experience to our community. The goal is to discover the variety of profiles we may find in our industry after an ISIPCA degree.


"Alumni entrepreneur"

You have created your project, your business ? Take part in this series of articles to present your concept and your background and why not give some advices 


2020 has accelerating the transition to remote work, both in education and in our jobs.

In order to bring our community closer, conferences, workshops and other exchanges moments will be created in collaboration with ISIPCA from September 2020. 

This is finally a great opportunity for all our graduates abroad to participate to the association and be able to exchange, meet or share any experience. 

If you have an idea, a desire or a suggestion, contact us!


Every year, ISIPCA organizes open days in Versailles for future students who want to discover the school and its degrees.

It is also an opportunity for them to meet and exchange with students and graduates on their background and experiences and why not to imagine their future career after ISIPCA.


All the answer you may give them during these prevailed exchanges will help them to build their future professional project.


If you are interested to participate, contact Valérie Arnoux the Brand, Promotion and International Director at ISIPCA. 



Are you looking for a specialized profile, graduated from ISIPCA ? 


Do not hesitate and share your offer, once connected on the platform : 




Or send us your offer: contact@isipca-alumni.fr 


You have 5, 10 or more years of experience and you are willing to share your experience in ISIPCA program ?  

Discover ISIPCA trainings here


Contact us is you have any question or  Lydie Gumery, Director of ISIPCA programs


If you want to support our project financially : make a donation to the association and allow us to maintain and develop it. Even if the team is composed of volunteers, 


Do you have a question ? Feel free to contact us


If you want to become a sponsor in our coming directory : contact the representative contact of our publisher house EDIF, who is available to answer to your questions.