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08 September 2020
Alumni Entrepreneurs

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  • Maxime Baud
  • Promotion 2019 - MSc Manager des process de Création et de Développement des produits Parfum, Cosmétique et Arômes - option Parfumerie
  • Co-founder of ScenTree 


What is your educational background?

I had the chance to join ISIPCA in 2016, within the first promotion of the new master, the MSc Manager des process de Création et de Développement des produits Parfum, Cosmétique et Arômes. This 3-year course trains around sixty students in various jobs related to aromas, perfumes and cosmetics.


What is your professional background after ISIPCA?

After training at ISIPCA, I remained employed in the company where I did my final-course internship. Today, I work half-time in this company as a perfume evaluator.


How did you get the idea for this project and how did you set it up?

ScenTree project was born in 2017 as a result of a desire to deepen and improve the methods of learning about fragrance ingredients by classifying and comparing them together. This need to visually classify a large amount of elements was then transformed into a hierarchy in the form of a tree. This way of classifying ingredients is inspired by the LifeMap, developed by a researcher at the University of Lyon.


What has been the greatest challenge you have overcome in your entrepreneurial adventure? What barriers did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

There have been two major challenges to overcome around ScenTree project. The biggest one has been to develop the tool technically. Indeed, before starting ScenTree, I had no great IT skills. So, I had to train myself to take over part of the development to reduce the costs of the platform development. The second challenge was to create and build the company administratively, with all the restrictions and needs this entailed. It was therefore necessary to deepen the notions provided by ISIPCA in the field of accounting, payroll, financial strategies, sales etc...


What were the key moments that contributed to the success of this project?

If I had to mention just one key moment for the project, it would be the moment of the interview conducted by Nez-La Revue for the website's launch on September the 10th, 2019.  This interview allowed to start the project with a good dynamic.


What advice would you give to successfully manage the creation of a business?

Creating a company is not easy. If I had to give one piece of advice, it would be to be well surrounded, not to be afraid of investing completely ourselves in a project, in order to understand the slightest details. This apprenticeship allows to better understand the various challenges, both in terms of administrative management or in terms of communication and customer research.


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