Participate to the anniversary



ISIPCA can finally celebrate its 50th anniversary

and we need you !





 On this occasion, we would like to highlight our alumni, notably through various communication actions.


For this purpose, we need your help !


The project consist of sending us :

  • one or more photos of you: professional photo (no selfies or passport photos) 
    in color and with the best possible quality (HD or 300 dpi)


  • a video of you : 10 seconds maximum during which you wish a happy birthday to ISIPCA in your language, as the following example: 
    "Hello/hi/... I'm Xavier Dupont class of 2015....Happy birthday ISIPCA! ". Please remember to leave 3 seconds at the beginning and end of your speech, without speaking for the edition.


Do you want to participate ?  Please:

  • send to the mandatory copyright transfer form  (here), in order to use the pictures & videos
  • send here your pictures and / or videos with : name, first name and promotion date, in order to have a name with a face.


Your involvement for the celebration of half a century of ISIPCA is essential because you are the essence of this school which owes you what it is today: beyond a great school dedicated to olfaction and taste, a place of transmission of know-how and passion.



We count on you  !



Example of valid picture: 
Example of valid video :