TOU text (GDPR) for administrators

As administrator of this website, we are required to process data concerning you: personal data (last name, first name, photo, telephone number, email) or arising from your activities on the site (date of modification of content or modification of the files, pages consulted on the administration of the site, dates of connection ...).

These data are intended exclusively for the association within the framework of this website in order to ensure a follow-up of the actions made in the administration and to guarantee a secure access to the data of the members.

My homework

As an administrator, you can have access to personal data concerning members / recruiters / registered for events. You must be vigilant with these data, handle them strictly within the framework defined by the association and keep them outside the website only for the time necessary for the actions entrusted to you.

In particular, these data must not be communicated to third parties, unless authorized by the association.

Exercise of my rights

In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about you, please contact


You will receive a response within 30 days at the latest.