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12 January 2021 Alumni Entrepreneurs
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What is your educational background?

I am graduated from a business school and 15 years latter I went back to ISIPCA to get specialized in the international marketing of fragrance & cosmetics through the program MIPC.


What is your professional background after ISIPCA?

After my studies in business school, I worked for 15 years in marketing and communication in media (Lagardère, le Parisien, MetroNews, CNews).
Having a passion for fragrances, I developed this great interest through training at Cinquième Sens, les Ateliers Thierry Mugler and reading many books.

In 2003, I joined la Société Française des Parfumeurs, where  I met many professionals and organized conferences (Repetto, Cinq Mondes, L’Oréal).

In 2017, I entered a masters program in perfume and cosmetics at ISIPCA to become a professional in this sector.

Back to school (after 15 years), back to school to attend the MIPC program and worked as apprentice in the market research team of Sephora: an interesting and disruptive year.

How did you get the idea for this project and how did you set it up?

Joining the perfume and cosmetics industry in the second part of my professional career, has been an opportunity to develop a different and interesting approach to this sector. I took the time to feel the suitable challenges I wanted to face.

In 2019, I created my own company “L’Effluve des Jours” with three main activities : teaching, advising companies and creating a product, all about perfume, of course !


What has been the greatest challenge you have overcome in your entrepreneurial adventure?

Creating a company, building course materials, teaching, advising companies are linked to my previous experiences. However, creating a scented product during this pandemic period, was my hardest challenge indeed. I was lucky to be advised by Victoria Legros, a friend of mine and a great professional, whom I met at ISIPCA.


What barriers did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

It’s not easy to make real a project that you have in mind. Moreover, a project connected to senses and emotions. That was the point of the scented notebooks “eternal sunshine”, launched in summer 2020. Building up an imagined fragrance, choosing the right material to apply the perfume, covering its own atmosphere were challenging.
This challenge was overcome thanks to my personal and professional circle, with a lot of determination and passion.

What were the key moments that contributed to the success of this project?

The first time a business school has trusted in me; students have approved the way I teach. My first contract as an advisor, published article and order of scented notebooks were determining.

What advice would you give to successfully manage the creation of a business?

I would say feeling that you have the will to share your passion and experience with people as well as believing in yourself, your dreams and projects. Just do it once and it will follow.


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