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09 February 2021 Alumni Portraits
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  • Eleonore de Bonneval
  • Promotion 2003 - Master MIPC
  • Multisensorial storyteller - Membre du collectif NEZ


What is your educational background ?

I have a rather atypical and multidisciplinary background with a double degree : a degree in Business and Management from the University of Westminster, London at the Europe of Marseille, I also did a Master in Photojournalism and Documentary at the London College of Communication (LCC). In between, I followed the MIPC Master’ degree from ISIPCA, which I graduated in 2003.


I took advantage of my business training to do all my internships in the perfume industry : in the press relations department at Kenneth Green Associated (KGA) - the leading distributor of selective fragrances in the UK and in evaluation at Symrise in Barcelona. During my MIPC Master’s degree I was working in Operational Marketing at Labosanté, a company specialized in children’s hygiene and beauty products.


What is your professional path after your ISIPCA degree?

Evidence of the importance of internships in a professional career: after my graduation I went back to London to work for KGA. I was in charge of Operational Marketing for Narciso Rodriguez and then for Issey Miyake Fragranced, and I stayed for more than 3 years.

A trip to Cambodia in an orphanage whose educational system is based on artistic expression changed all my career plans! I decided to become a photographer and it was shortly after that that I joined the Master in Photojournalism at the LCC. Still fascinated by the power of smell, I took anosmia as a graduation project. This project for which I had great ambitions from the beginning of my research has been exposed several times since then and in different forms. In particular, there was the participative and interactive exhibition 'L'odorat, sens invisible' at the Musée International de la Parfumerie de Grasse in 2018.

‘Anosmie, vivre sans odorat’ presented in Paris during the 2014 edition of Les Rives de la Beauté was the opportunity for me to meet Dominique Brunel from Auparfum. He was thinking with Jeanne Doré about launching a paper magazine that has since become Nez, the olfactory magazine. I immediately joined the project and joined the Nez collective. Today, I have collaborated on many editorial and digital projects for the olfactive office.


I am also a documentary filmmaker and I work in particular with Processditerranée - a program that aims to promote social entrepreneurship around the Mediterranean. The subjects covered are diverse: waste management in Lebanon, water resource management in the palm groves of South-East Tunisia,... I also have a training role in this program, and passing on knowledge is very nourishing.


What do you particularly appreciate about your current job?

The diversity, the meetings but also the guidance whether it is pedagogical or strategic. I love the fact that I work on several formats (written, photo, video) and on various themes, which allows me to constantly cross glances.


Why did you choose this industry?

When I was in second grade I knew I wanted to work in this industry. Sensitive to fragrances at first, I very quickly sought to understand the physiology of the sense of smell and the role played by odors in our daily lives. When I was in first grade, my father - ENT doctor - gave me a book entitled Taste and smells disordersby Pierre Bonfils and Patrice Tran Ba Huy... an amusing coincidence.


What advice(s) would you give to an alumni interested in your job?

You have to leave a lot of room for encounters, know how to surround yourself with people and identify them with your desire to work and move forward. You must also know how to trust yourself, have dreams and the furious desire to make some of them come true.

And if you have the entrepreneurial temperament, knowing how to be a Swiss Army Knifeis a real strength.


How would you describe your experience at ISIPCA in 2 words?

My time at school was fundamental and above all key in my professional reorientation and evolution.


Do you have a memory of ISIPCA that you would like to share with us?

I loved my classes with Patty Canac. I will always remember the day she told us about the work she was doing at the Garches Hospital with patients with severe memory loss. Discovering that smells could be used in therapy was a revelation! My more artistic work around the sense of smell, initiated almost 10 years after my classes with Patty, is the result of this day... as a result of that day... we must give time for our projects to mature within us!


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