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06 October 2020 Alumni Entrepreneurs
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What is your educational background?

I first completed a bachelor's degree in chemistry and then the master pro formulation & evaluation IPCA.


What is your professional background after ISIPCA?

Right after ISIPCA, I had the chance to join the Puig perfume team in Barcelona through the Leonardo program. Back in France, I did a few evaluation positions  before arriving at Symrise, where I had the chance to work in perfumery in their Parisian (Clichy) and New York offices.

Few years later, I arrived in England and  joined a trends agency where as a consultant for the perfume and cosmetics industry. I really enjoyed this break in marketing which allowed me to travel all over the world and to create a wide professional network. But I missed the creation part and had always in mind to create my own structure.

Then, in 2016, I started my own activity as independent perfumer with Experimental Perfume Club which evolved into a niche perfume brand and a bespoke perfume laboratory in London.


How did you get the idea for this project and how did you set it up?

For several years, I wanted to share my passion for perfumery with the general public. Perfumery remains a closed environment, but for all that it is a highly commercialized product. The general public knows a little bit about the creation processes and the manufacturing of the product. So,  I thought there was a real interest in educating this audience and also a real demand to better understand scent. That's why Experimental Perfume Club grew very quickly from there!

I started with a Pop-up space first, just to test the concept and everything worked really fast so I then looked for a permanent space. Only 6 months after the launch, I was able to hire my first employee!


What were the key moments that contributed to the success of this project? What advice would you give to successfully manage the creation of a business?

The biggest challenge when you start alone : you have to do everything and you don't know anything! At the start, everything seems overwhelming and you quickly realize that setting up your structure is full of challenges. This is why it is important to approach challenges as just a "problem" to be solved and to enjoy them. It took a while to figure it out, but it's part of the game!


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