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Secretary - Reina Yahya

17 April 2022 Association
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Why did you choose ISIPCA and What is your degree ?
ISIPCA is considered as the world leading school in the fields of fragrance and cosmetics. I was also looking for an international experience. I chose the EFCM program (European Fragrance and Cosmetics Master) in collaboration with the University of Versailles and the University of Padova in Italy. This program welcomes every year students from all over the world.



What did you do after ISIPCA ?

Thanks to ISIPCA, I was able to find an internship in one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Grasse: Jean Niel. After a six-months internship as a fragrance evaluator and marketing, I was hired as a Fragrance Development Manager to help in the development of the Middle Eastern market. Also, thanks to my double diploma (master’s in business and management from the University of Padova) I am also assisting the development of the Marketing department within our company.


Why did you choose to handle the association ?

As a foreign student in France, I still remember the stressful procedures and the difficulties I had to face. Finding an accommodation, the paperwork, the medical insurance, etc. I am joining this association to use my experience and to help International students as much as I can.


What projects do you want to implement within the association?

I would like to boost our social media platform, organize conferences with representatives of different companies to guide students and finally, help foreign students with housing, visa, transportations, etc.


Why did you decide to join the association? What would you like to say to those who hesitate to join the association as an active member ?

It’s always interesting to build new relationships and share our experience and passion with others. Plus, this association will allow us to organize interesting conferences and projects to represent the school.


Did the school support you in your job search?

Yes, of course. They sent us plenty of e-mails of internships offers from different companies. Plus, they organized several conferences with professionals in the field that shared their advices and helped us in our research

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