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Treasurer - Donatienne Aubrée

17 April 2022 Association
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Why did you choose ISIPCA and What is your degree ?

I have always wanted to work in the perfume industry, ISIPCA was for me the school that would help me to achieve my goal thanks to the various specialized lectures and apprenticeship periods in the industry. I joined the FESIPCA master (2016-2018) track perfumery.


What did you do after ISIPCA ?

I did my apprenticeship within the perfumery applied research and innovation team at Firmenich in Paris. Then I continued my career at Atelier Français des Matières as an extraction scientist, I became manager of the research and development in plants extraction.


Why did you choose to handle the association ?

I joined the association in 2019, but because of the COVID period, I didn't feel like I had brought everything I had to give to keep it going. I repeat the adventure with great energy and more maturity to continue to drive the ISIPCA Alumni.


What projects do you want to implement within the association?

I would like to develop the ISIPCA alumni network. Indeed, Claire has worked a lot to update all your data, I would like to continue this project to promote the professional integration of future graduates and graduates of longer standing looking for new opportunities. The world of perfumery, cosmetics and food flavorings is very vast, there are many unknown companies that could be looking for new collaborators... Highlighting them at conferences would also be a project that I would like to develop.


Why did you decide to join the association? What would you like to say to those who hesitate to join the association as an active member ?

The ISPCA Alumni are more than 2000 people today. ISIPCA is more than 15 training courses, hundreds of graduates per year who evolve in this environment of perfumery, cosmetics and food flavorings with international influence. All alumni are passionate, like to share their experiences, want to give visibility to their company, why not you? Come and help us energize the association to give you the floor.


Did the school support you in your job search?

Directly no, but indirectly yes! It is thanks to the network of my FESIPCA class. There must be an ISIPCA alumni in almost every company in the industry, so there are lot of opportunities that could open up to our network.

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