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22 September 2020
Portraits d'Alumni

Portrait Nicole Van Der Poel

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Discover Nicole Van Der Poel (Promotion 2003 – DESS Parfumerie)


What is your educational background ? 

A bachelor (option : biology), then a 2-year university diploma in biology, a bachelor and master in biochemistry, and then a master in perfumery at ISIPCA.


What is your professional path after your ISIPCA degree ? 

I started at SGP Selin as creator-evaluator, then I worked 13 years at Mane as perfumer and I am finally work at Feva Europe as perfumer.


What do you particularly appreciate about your current job ? 

The exact same thing that has motivated my choice : smelling la lot of new things and play with raw materials.


Why did you choose this industry ?

I wanted to smell the whole day, I love the feeling provoked by smelling, especially when the odor is good.


What advice (s) would you give to an alumni interested in your job

Be passionate, tenacious and mainly patient.


How would you describe your experience at ISIPCA in 2 words?

Necessary and rewarding.


Do you have a memory of ISIPCA that you would like to share with us?

A lot of memories about discoveries and experiments, but I have too much memories in mind to select only one !

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